Spectur Remote 4g

To Compliment your Perimeter Fencing, Talons High Security Fencing also installs Solar Powered Remote Cameras to give you next level Security and Peace of mind.
The Spectur Remote 4G Camera uses Solar power which streams content straight to your mobile, tablet or desktop through 3G or 4G networks.
With motion activated systems, the Spectur camera only responds when it detects movement in the the area.
These features are fully customisable from within the app that is easy to use and powerful to control.
Get notified immediately with text alerts as they happen.
Once your Spectur camera notices unusual activity, you will receive an SMS or email alert to let you know.
Access your secure web login to get instant access from wherever you are.

Electric Fence Monitoring

Talons High Security Fencing can provide you with the technology to monitor your Electric Fence.
Using a mobile phone, you can arm and disarm compounds and when the Electric Fence is breached a notification can be sent through to a mobile phone or Security Monitoring Service.
Our Electric Fences can also be incorporated with Access control systems and other Alarm Systems.